Photo Credit: Richard Prodgers

Montana Sage Grouse Habitat Conservation Map

Use this map to view and explore types of sage grouse habitat designated as core (blue), general (green), connectivity (light-blue) habitats or BLM priority areas. To zoom into an area, hold the Shift key and draw a rectangle. Anyone proposing new development activities in sage grouse habitat must submit a development project application for consultation.

If your project is close to designated sage grouse habitat or BLM Priority area, or if you are unsure your project is within designated sage grouse habitat or BLM Priority area, please submit your project for review as permitting agencies will be checking to see if your project is located within these designated sage grouse habitats. If your permitting agency requires evidence that your project is outside of designated sage grouse habitat, we recommend that you log in and start a project application and take a screenshot of your project’s location.