The Amendment of ARM 14.6.103 pertaining to Sage Grouse Habitat Quantification Tool Manual has been adopted.

See adoption notice here: Adoption Notice

Stakeholder Workshop

The Stakeholder Workshop held September 8, 2023, provided interested parties an opportunity to provide input as the Program reviews the application of the Net Present Value concept, specifically the 3% discount method, to the current pricing structure for credits and debits.  Stay tuned for Focus Group announcement.

Presentations:  Credit Debit Pricing - Identifying the Problem   State Comparison       Workshop:  Meeting Audio       To provide written comments: Stakeholder Comments


The Montana Sage Grouse habitat Conservation Program works to sustain viable sage grouse populations and conserve habitat. Montana’s Sage Grouse Conservation Strategy is based on the collaborative work of diverse Stakeholders. The Montana Sage Grouse Oversight Team and the Program implement Executive Order 12-2015 and the Greater Sage Grouse Stewardship Act in partnership with, landowners, state and federal agencies, and many private diverse stakeholders so that Montanans maintain control of their lands, wildlife and economy.